Day Trip in Gobustan and Mud Volcano

If you want to discover Gobustan and Mud Volcanoes then you can join our Gobustan and Mud volcano day trip. Just need to book this 


 Gobustan (Qobustan)
Sixty km south of Baku, on an area of ​​537 hectares, there is one of the world's largest ancient petroglyphs collections counting more than 4,000 petroglyphs. In the Gobustan National Historical-Artistic Reserve one can see the settlements of the ancient people, the remains of the large prehistoric Stone Circle and other evidences of the Stone Age and later inhabitants of the region. Gobustan petroglyphs were repeatedly investigated by the famous Norwegian explorer and adventurer Thor Heyerdahl, who recognized local boats petroglyphs as the oldest known images of pirogue in the world.
Day Trip in Gobustan and Mud Volcano
Day Trip in Gobustan and Mud Volcano

 Mud Volcano


Mud volcanoes," also known as "sedimentary volcanoes" or "gas - oil volcanoes," are close cousins to magmatic volcanoes. Just like magmatic volcanoes, they can erupt powerfully and hurl flames to great heights (sometimes even several hundred of meters). They spew out millions of cubic meters of hydrocarbon gases and tons of mud. Mud volcanoes also exist on the floor of the sea and can form islands and banks that alter the topography and shape of the coastline and even trigger earthquakes.

Day Trip in Gobustan and Mud Volcano
Day Trip in Gobustan and Mud Volcano



· Local lunch and tea break

· All entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary
· Pick up from hotel
· Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking car 
· Professional tour guide.

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 3-5 pax.  5-10 pax.  10-12 pax.
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